October 29 – November 29, 2009

Gallery SATORI is please to present Mastercraft, a two-person exhibition of new work by Ethan Greenbaum and David Scanavino. Mastercraft is a name used by several manufacturing companies and paradoxically implies both highly skilled craftsmanship and generic industrial production. Greenbaum and Scanavino's work synthesizes these disparate spheres of the handmade and mass-produced in a series of discreet objects and architectural interventions.

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  • Untitled (trip rope), 2009

    David Scanavino, Untitled (trip rope), 2009, Concrete, 24 x 24 x 6 inches

  • Untitled (from Concrete series)

    Ethan Greenbaum, Untitled (from "Concrete" series), Pigment print on adhesive vinyl, Dimensions variable

  • Installation View 1

    On the wall: Ethan Greenbaum; On the floor: David Scanavino

  • Installation View 2

    Left: David Scanavino; Right: Ethan Greenbaum

  • Installation View 3

    Background: Ethan Greenbaum; On the wall: David Scanavino

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